Lexi Coleman

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Hi! My name is Lexi Coleman. I am 17 years old and currently a high school senior. Aside from attending school full-time, I also work as a part-time art teacher at Drawn2Art. This is the same art school I attended for 13 years that taught me everything I know about drawing and painting.  Even though school has taken up a majority of my time, I have still managed to put my art first and make it my number one priority.  
On a recent trip to New York City, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was at this museum where I had a revelation; I had to attend an art school. My objective is to fine-tune my fine arts skills while also studying alongside art conservationists. I want to work among the masterpieces and preserve them for the world to see. I believe there is nothing more lovely than a connection with art.
Valencia High School (2016-Current) 
GPA (Cumulative): Weighted: 4.27 / Unweighted (Cumulative): 3.95 
SAT:  1260 ACT:  N/A 
Honor / AP Classes: Honors Algebra (9th), Honors English (9th), Honors Geometry (10th), Honors English (10th), AP Language and Composition (11th), AP United States HIstory (11th), AP Psychology (12th), AP Studio Art (12th), AP Literature and Composition (12th) 
Valencia Girls Tennis (2016-2018) 
- Junior Varsity 2016 (9th), Varsity 2017-2018 (10th, 11th)
- Most Valuable Player 2016 (9th)
- Scholar Athlete Award  - 3.5 GPA or higher while participating in a sport 2016-2018 (9th-11th)
- Highest GPA on Junior Varsity 2016 (9th)
- Highest GPA on Varsity 2018 (11th)
California Scholarship Federation  
●   Member since 2015 (7th-12th) 
National Honors Society 
●   ​​​​​​​Member in 2017 (10th) 

Community Activism from A - Z (CAAZ) 
Community activism club. Engaged in political discussions, attended public rallies, and volunteered with bigger organizations within the community. Member from 2017-2018 (10th)
Art classes offered to those ages 4-adult. Taught by talented alumni from Otis, Chapman, and the Arts Center. 
●    Student since 2006-2019
●    Presented at Disney Motif Awards 2017 (10th)
●    Teacher at Drawn2Art 2019-now (11th-12th)
Volunteer Work/Community Involvement 
Valencia Girls Tennis 
●    Ran the tournament desk 2018 and 2019 (11th-12th)
●    Participated in “Dance of Tennis”: organization that teaches inner-city kids the fundamentals of tennis 2017 (10th)

ARTivism Open Mic Night: End Gun Violence (10th)
●    Presented political artwork 2019 (12th)

Thank you!
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